Visa policy of Thailand

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The Kingdom of Thailand currently offers visa free travel to 55 countries, with some the Thai government has bilateral agreement on visa waiving. Overstaying in Thailand carries a fine of ฿500 per day. Most western countries are offered visa-free travel, though some countries from the eastern part of European Union (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus) do need visa but are still granted visa on arrival.


Visa exemption countries

  Visa-Free for 3 months
  Visa-Free for 1 month
  Visa-Free for 14 days ( only Cambodia )
  Visa on Arrival

90 Days Visa Free

The governments of the following countries have concluded a bilateral agreement on visa waiving with Thailand, nationals from both countries may travel to each other without visa for a period of up to 90 days. for 30 days.

30 Days Visa Free

The following countries are granted visa free travel to Thailand for a period of up to 30 days. Arriving by air gives a stay of 30 days. Arriving overland gives a stay of 15 days (except countries that have bilateral agreements on visa waiving with Thailand - those with a † mark behind).

Visa on Arrival

The nations from the following countries may apply for Visa on Arrival at major entry points whether travel by air or by land. the cost is THB1000, and allows traveller to stay for 15 days.

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